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Mike and Kim Flynn have been married for 23 years, have four kids, and live in Provo, Utah. While they are not new to running businesses, Card Salad is their first joint venture as a business partnership. And they are happy to report it is possible to be both married partners and business partners! Mike Buonomo and Kim Flynn are long-time business partners in several previous ventures.

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Kim Flynn


Kim Flynn is the CEO of Card Salad, as well as the bestselling author of Playing Big, and author of the Eat Well and Lead Well programs. She has twenty years of experience building multiple businesses, growing her last company to eight figures with locations across the United States. She is an expert in sytematizing business processes, automation and task management. With Card Salad, she has applied these same systems and processes that streamline businesses and translated them to personal and home management. Kim is passionate about providing training and growth opportunities for women.

Mike Buonomo


Mike Buonomo is both an owner and plays an integral role with sales and affiliates at Card Salad. He has grown multiple businesses to seven and eight figures. In his first business, Kisstixx, Mike appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. He worked alongside businessman and investor Mark Cuban to create a successful international business, taking over 300 retail products to market in 13 countries.

Mike is an expert in manufacturing, retail product distribution and sales, and is also passionate about empowering women.

Mike Flynn


Mike Flynn is the president and founder of Card Salad, and a twenty year veteran of the network marketing space. As the director of commissions for a large network marketing company, he built his career in commissions processing, auditing, testing, and distribution. He is also our resident product engineer, often seen carving prototypes in the garage with a power saw.