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Let’s talk about real healthy food:  fruits and vegetables, and how to get as many of them as possible into your body. Throw out the dieting rules that tell you that avocados are too high in fat, and you should eat celery because it has negative calories. Throw it all out. 

Instead, ask yourself: what do I like? There are over 1000 different vegetables on planet earth, and 2000 fruits. Chances are your local grocery store carries only about 200 of those, but still . . . surely you can find five to ten choices that you really like in a group of 200!

eat real foodsNothing is Off Limits

What is your favorite reconstituted, hydrogenated, decapitated food stuff that we lovingly call junk food? Mine is the beloved potato chip. 

Buy some this week, today if possible. Allow yourself the luxury of eating your special junk food today. This isn’t an effort to give you a “cheat day” or any other dieting terminology or nonsense. This is an experiment in flavor versus habits. 

When you follow the Eat Well program, you will just eat real healthy food,  home cooked foods, whole foods. Your body and taste buds will start to acclimate to eating real foods, and the junky stuff, even if it has been your go-to weakness for decades will slowly start to lose its appeal. Here is something to consider: what if (mind about to be blown moment) you don’t actually like your beloved food stuff as much as you thought you did? What if it isn’t some crazy weakness for it, but rather, just a habit that you have developed? 

Eat MORE Real Healthy Food

Fruits and veggies have lots of water content. Compare the weight of three potatoes to the weight of a bag of chips. Big difference! The difference is water content. When foods have lots of water in them, they are heavy and feel heavy in your stomach. Another word for heavy in your stomach is FULL. Full is a good feeling. 

You may be wondering why we recommend eating as much plant food (fruits and veggies) as possible. It is because if you can stuff yourself with all of the goodness, nutrients, and vitamins that come from plant-based foods, you will be FULL. Then you naturally won’t stuff yourself with the junky stuff. 

The junky stuff takes many, many more calories to fill you up than fruits and veggies. 

The goal of the Eat Well Program isn’t to get you to start counting calories; please don’t. It just shows you why you want to eat as much of the good stuff as you can get into your body. It’s time to EAT!

Right now you may not enjoy eating fruits and veggies. You may be habit-trained to crave highly processed and extremely salty, sweet, or soaked-in-fat foods. The goal isn’t to BREAK yourself of old eating habits. It is to slowly, drip by drip, introduce your body to the good stuff. 

It is completely normal to not enjoy the good stuff if it is less familiar to you. Just take a few bites each day. You will be AMAZED at what a daily habit will do for you. Slowly your body will not just get used to the flavor of fruits and veggies, it will grow you PREFER fruits and veggies. Your body will want the good stuff. That is a good day when you realized that you are ordering the veggies on the side over the french fries, not due to discipline or restriction, but because that is what you PREFER!

just eat real food300 CALORIES

One of the best ways to maximize your health is getting as many fruits and veggies into your body as possible. 

Let’s discuss why you don’t have to worry about overeating when you have a plant-based diet. Imagine in your hands, 300 calories worth of potato chips (my junky food of choice). Three hundred calories would roughly be two large handfuls. I could eat that in 20 seconds. I would probably then eat two more large handfuls. And then one more. 

Compare that to 300 calories of broccoli. Three hundred calories of broccoli would be difficult to consume. Imagine three large full-sized heads of broccoli. They would barely fit on a full-sized dinner plate. If the broccoli was cooked and chopped into bite-sized pieces, it would fill an entire serving-for-six serving bowl. You would have a very difficult time eating 300 calories of broccoli in a day. 

Your body’s fullness chemical processes (that tell your brain that you are full) evolved when people ate only fruits, vegetables, and meat. Maybe in another million years of eating junky stuff our body will evolve to feel full on 300 calories of potato chips, but it isn’t how our body is currently designed. Our fullness-meter is triggered with food volume. Eat MORE fruits and veggies. 


I don’t know where fruit got its bad name. Somewhere along the decades of dieting news, it was introduced that fruit has sugar in it, therefore is bad for you. Challenge this thinking whenever it crops up. Stop the rules in your head that have you counting calories and restricting and obsessing and weighing. 

To sum it up, the secret to good health is just eat real food. When you eat real healthy food you don’t have to worry about portion sizes, depriving yourself, or any other dieting practices. Just eat real food.


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