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how to form new habitsEinstein and Habits: the Science of Habits

Let’s talk about how to form new habits, whether you want to develop good eating habits or new healthy habits all around. I recommend you make your mini habits as small as possible if you feel resistance to them. There is no problem with making your habits even smaller, in this case to just set out ONE item in the ingredients list,  just to get you in motion. Think of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. 

Objects in motion (or at rest) remain in motion (or at rest) unless an external force imposes change.

If you are in motion, getting the first ingredient on the list, you are more likely to stay in motion. But if you don’t stay in motion, no problem! The mini habit is about building a habit that you will do every day, developing good habits in your life, without needing motivation or discipline. You have succeeded if all you do is get out one ingredient. As you build the minimum habit, you will automatically start doing more. This is truly how to form new habits. 

Sometimes your brain will move quickly and you will blow yourself away with how much you WANT to do, and sometimes you will trudge along with the mini-habits for months before your brain decides it wants to progress to the next level. Don’t push it, don’t force it. Just go along for the ride. Trust yourself. Trust life. 

The exciting part is when you notice everything happens naturally, organically without even trying. 

how to develop good habitsHabits are Worth the Wait: How to Stick to a Habit

Sometimes habits take a looooooonnng time to develop. How long to form a habit? This was my experience with exercise. I was 44 years old before I ever stepped foot into a gym, true story. I have always hated exercise. I hate running. I had to actually PAY a neighbor to come to my house for years just to get me to walk into my home gym and work out. Whenever people brought up “runner’s high” I would roll my eyes. I thought I just wasn’t built that way. I didn’t like exercise, none of my family liked exercise, and it was set in stone. This is why it is hard to learn how to develop good habits. 

Then in 2020 the world stopped, and I had nothing to do.  I started working out with my hubby every day. I kinda hated it, but kept doing it because I was bored. And then the habit formed . . . after SIX MONTHS of consistent exercise. I joined the local gym when it reopened that year. And I couldn’t stop going. The thought of putting my headphones in, to my music cranked as loud as I like it, doing a workout that made me feel good? I love it. After 44 years of hating exercise, I absolutely love going to the gym. It is one of my favorite places and things to do. Habits, habits, habits.

Oh yeah, we are talking about taking care of your health and not just habits. Let’s get back on track and talk about how to form new habits!

I recommend you: 

  • Throw out all junk food in your pantry
  • Buy low fat cottage cheese 
  • Start tracking your calories for every meal
  • Go to the gym every day

how to form new habitsNope. That’s dieting bulls**** and you are smarter than that now. You are interested in how are habits formed. What you are going to focus on this week is how to eat MORE. Healthy living isn’t going to happen by eating less. It is going to happen by eating more. 

More fruits and vegetables. 

If you are eating loads of fruits and vegetables you don’t have to take anything OUT of your diet. You don’t have to restrict. You don’t have to pass on ice cream or hamburgers or potato chips. You will be so satisfied from all of the delicious, nutritious foods that your body needs that you won’t have room or cravings for the junky stuff. 

Notice that all of the tips in this article are all about how to form new habits, how to develop good habits, and habit formation. Mastering these skills are so much more impactful and long-lasting than any diet!


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