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For Christmas last year I asked for a hydroponic mini greenhouse for kitchen herbs and after a few months of growth, the results are in! I love it.

Before growing my own herbs I was constantly buying the little plastic packets of herbs in the refrigerated produce section in the grocery store. The herbs weren’t especially fresh, were frequently sold out, and didn’t last very long in the fridge before spoiling.

So I started buying thyme, mint and rosemary as potted plants at the grocery store whenever they were available. While this solved the problem of food and environmental waste, I was starting to assemble an ugly hodge podge collection of misfit plants. Convenient for cooking, but not attractive.

The hydroponic greenhouse solves all of these problems. It comes with the seeds for common herbs already planted and ready to go. It took about two months of growth for the herbs to be big enough to begin harvesting, but the wait was worth it. The only maintenance is filling the water tank once a week and adding some plant food every other week. The lights on the machine remind me when maintenance is needed.

I found my hydroponic greenhouse on Amazon for about $100.

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