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If you are an affiliate with Card Salad and want to have an easy method to promote the Eat Well program and take food pictures on the fly, here is our easy kitchen setup. I have a drawer in the kitchen dedicated to photo props. I keep food props and a camera in the drawer ready to go, and my kids know that you never eat before taking a picture. Many of the food pictures on our Eat Well recipe cards were taken by my 14-year old son.

I have a collection of about ten different colored place mats, one of each color. This is an easy way to change the look of the background in seconds. I often shoot food in what is called flat-lay style. I put the food on the floor on a place mat, shoo the dog away, and stand over the food to get a good angle. You can also shoot with the plate of food directly on the floor if you have an interesting (and clean) wood or even tile floor.

All food photo enthusiasts will tell you that the best way to shoot food is in natural light, but when cooking dinner, you will often not have natural light. I unashamedly use a bounce flash on my fancy-dancy camera, but your ring light that you bough on week one in your Lead Well program will work great as well.

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